How to Recover After a Burst Pipe

Burst pipes can represent a homeowner's worst nightmare. While not all burst pipes flood an entire area, even small leaks can endanger your property, belongings and personal safety.

When Is the Right Time for a Kitchen Renovation?

You never considered renovating your kitchen. But you can't stop watching kitchen remodels on television shows. You see drab kitchens turn into beautiful masterpieces and wish that transformation could happen to your kitchen. Is it your turn for a kitchen remodel? Is the cost worth it? Here are five reasons why you should remodel your kitchen as soon as possible. 

3 Telltale Signs You Have a Gas Leak

You've known for a while now that gas leaks are dangerous. You understand that carbon monoxide poisoning can kill quickly and that gas is highly combustible.
But even the best devices have a slight risk of failing. And emergencies can happen when you least expect them. If a gas leak were to occur in or near your home, would you know how to spot it?

4 Ways to Save Money With Your Ceiling Fan

As a homeowner, you already have to cope with a seemingly endless list of expenses, from lawn maintenance to electrical repairs. Each month a large portion of your income goes toward keeping your house running as smoothly as possible.

Though you may already know a few techniques for saving money, the way you use your ceiling fan could take your efforts a few steps further. The following tips and tricks, in particular, can help you maximise your fan's efficiency and reduce your energy usage in record time.

5 Facts You Need to Know About Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

You wake up on a cold morning and look forward to taking a hot shower. But as you turn on the water, you notice that it's freezing cold. You'll probably have to wait a long time for the water to heat up. With instantaneous hot water systems, you can avoid this problem entirely. 
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