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Safety switches

At Royalty Plumbing and Gas, we understand that nothing heightens your safety concerns more than starting a family. Suddenly, you become conscious of all the risks and dangers in your day-to-day life, many of which can be found right in your home. 

Electricity is one of the most dangerous aspects of your home. While it’s completely safe when wired correctly and hidden behind walls and flooring, contact with a bare wire or faulty power point can cause extremely painful shocks – some of which can be fatal. 

To help prevent injury from electric shocks and electrical fires, it is now a legal requirement for all new homes to be equipped with safety switches. These are installed to protect everything from lighting circuits to power points and help to ensure the safety of everyone in your property. 

Whether you have old safety switches that need to be upgraded, you require emergency repairs on your existing safety switches, or you require a brand new installation, we’ll be more than happy to help. Using the highest quality Clipsal safety switches on the market, our team will help to keep you and your home safe. 

For more information about our safety switches, call our friendly team today on 08 9451 7735 .
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